In 2015, I collaborated with Dr. Grant Deane- Internationally recognized climate scientist, fellow at The Scripps Institute of Oceanography and Assistant Professor at University of California San Diego to create MESH- a multi-city installation presented in tandem at Locust Projects in Miami, FL and The Esker Foundation in Calgary, Alberta,.
This piece considered the relationship between three geographic sites- Calgary, AB (economic center of the Canadian Tar Sand extraction industry specifically TransCanada and the origin point of Keystone XL Pipeline) Miami FL (a Gulf coast city with vulnerable coastlines) and the Hjornsund Fjord in Svalbard.
The piece consisted of sonic and sculptural elements including two approximate 5’ pieces of 3d scanned, milled and cast-in-salt land formations. An audio file playing 4 consecutive months of glacial sonic activity recorded underwater at the Hjiornsund Fjord in Svalbard was streamed simultaneously in both the Miami and Calgary galleries. Every time there was another major calving event, a thunderous sound of a collapsing glacier triggered could be heard throughout the gallery. This sound triggered a mechanism releasing tiny drops of indigo aniline dye to fall onto the salt formation creating a record of actual glacial loss.